Scan code into the store misplaced, new district, new enterprises are resumed

Scan code into the store misplaced, new district, new enterprises are resumed

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Scan code into the store misplaced, new district, new enterprises are resumed

Original title: scanning code into the store misplaced, new district, enterprises, in order to restore Tang Food and next day, do a good job in the code to enter the store, the new district catering service enterprises have resumed the dining. At noon on November 5, Ruiling International McDonald’s store, a round table at the door, exempting the disinfection watering can, free to wash the drug, body temperature testing instrument, record this, a customer wore protective clothing after entering the door Under the guidance, a health code is present, measure the body temperature, register in book, and then done on the mobile app. In the store, there are several customers who wait for the name to take a meal. The staff introduces that they will guide the seating according to the number of customers, and the sediment is guided, and the food rate is controlled within 50%.

One hour in the store, including ground, table and chairs, door handles, glass, etc. In the new district, the name of the famous Guanmua beef dough shop, seven or eight customers are meal, and four or five customers are waiting in line on one-meter line. Every customer will take a moment to eat, avoid contact with others. "I am going to work nearby, it is very convenient to eat here. It should be specially treated in the special period, so our heart will be more assured.

"A woman who is eating.

It is understood that in order to guide the market management subject to restore production and life order, the New District Market Supervision Bureau strictly implements differentiation prevention and control measures in accordance with relevant requirements.

At the same time, the catering unit should be required to remind and enter and export the dining options to properly wear masks and strictly restrict the traffic, and maintain 1 meter from the meal.

Long Weidong, Director of the New District Market Supervision Bureau, said that "the details of the dining dining. The cleaning and disinfection of public goods and training for employee epidemic prevention and control knowledge is a compulsory course for catering stores. Therefore, we will strengthen supervision and inspection, and supervise The catering industry is strictly disinfected in terms of dining venues, equipment facilities, catering appliances in strict accordance with relevant regulations, ensuring the safety of the masses.

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