Shanxi Spark Project Entrepreneurship Competition will start

Shanxi Spark Project Entrepreneurship Competition will start

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Shanxi Spark Project Entrepreneurship Competition will start

  Original title: Shanxi Spark Project Entrepreneurship Competition will start March 19, the reporter learned from the Provincial People’s Office that our province will hold the 4th "China Creative Wing" Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition Shanxi Selection Competition and 2020 Mountain West Pouthuo Project Entrepreneurship Competition .

The competition started from March 20th.

  The theme of this contest is "condensed the stars for power, to make a dream", which is divided into the Provincial People’s Office, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Science and Technology Department, Provincial Department of Finance Department, Provincial Agricultural Rural Department, Provincial Retired Military Affairs Office, Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office , The Communist Youth League Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Disabled Persons’ Association, the Shanxi Provincial Employment Service is undertaken, from March to November.

  Competition in the main competition and special game. Among them, the main competition college graduate group, retired military group, returning home migrant workers and new professional farmers groups and other groups of four groups, each stage, completion, finals. The special competition set up new groups and entrepreneurship poverty alleviation groups.

The competition asked the main competition to register the registration of the project should be located in Shanxi Province. Encourage colleges and technical colleges and universities, to produce and retired military workers, retired soldiers, returning homemaster workers and new professional farmers, and study abroad to register for entrepreneurs. All participating items are available online through provincial human resources and social security online office halls.

  The organizing committee of the competition will receive one, two and third prizes of the main competition, respectively, give a certain financial support reward. Recommended award-winning projects and special event excellent entrepreneurship projects to participate in the National Selection and Finals of China ‘s Creative Wings. Give policy support for entrepreneurial entrepreneurial projects in entrepreneurial guarantee loans, entrepreneurial parks. (Reporter Gao Jianhua).