The book written by the cowmanship

The book written by the cowmanship

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The book written by the cowmanship

Zhao Chunqing’s "Niu Minqing has a book, but the big cow!" Recently, in Jilin North Jiekai Transmission Co., Ltd., colleagues once again vote for the technique of repairing equipment on the production line. Niu Zhibin.

  After starting to contact various imported CNC equipment, Niu Zibin that is deeply knowledgeable is self-sufficient, and successively "" computer control, CNC, PLC and other technologies have become the maintenance expert in the company. Once, the import automatic CNC external grinding machine showed a crash when commissioning the processing procedure, and the external engineer had no problem.

Niu Zhibin looks for the cause next to the equipment, and finally discovered that a parameter setting is incorrect, eliminating the machine failure.

  In 2020, Niu Zhibin took the lead the team will stop more than 10 years of imported inverted automatic CNC lathes to automatically record more than 500,000 yuan for the company; this year, he leads the studio members to quench The machine is upgraded, so that this is deactivated by the digital control system to deactivate the 4-year equipment "dead return", which is more than 1.5 million yuan for the company.

  Over the years, Niu Zibin has solved the company’s hundreds of control equipment problems for the company, and hosted 10 innovative transformation projects. At the end of 1995, after repairing the imported CNC grinding machine, Niu Zhibin felt that plus the previous two cases and summarized a paper. What he didn’t expect is that the manuscript "first in one fell swoop", published in the "Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tool". Since then, each year, he will write a time to write a number of control machine maintenance, and 29 have been published. "I bought two books in the CNC machine. I found that two books have been published." Niu Zhibin was encouraged, and the idea of ??writing a cheric control machine fault diagnosis and maintenance.

  When he wrote 3 chapters, I just received a letter from the appointment of a publishing house. Soon, "Graphic CNC Machine Tool – Siemens Typical System Maintenance Skills" is successfully published.

  In the same year, Niu Zhibin wrote "CNC machinery fault diagnosis and maintenance". This book not only released smoothly, but also became a self-study material for Shanghai. Two high gold books let Niu Zhibin have a name in the industry.

As of now, Niu Zibin has published 20 monographical control equipment maintenance.