Shilin listing China Tourism Baqiang County List

Shilin listing China Tourism Baqiang County List

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Shilin listing China Tourism Baqiang County List

  Recently, "China County Tourism Competitiveness Report 2021" released, 12 counties and cities in Yunnan Province, China’s county tourism comprehensive competitiveness Baiqiang County, 2021 China ‘s county tourism development potential of China.

Among them, Shilin County, Kunming City ranked 55th in China Tourism Baiqiang County. The Chinese county tourism competitiveness evaluation target is 1871 counties in the country. Among them, China’s tourism Baiqiang County is distributed in 19 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities), Jiangxi Lushan City, Sichuan Emei Mountain, Jiangxi Yushan County ranked first.

China Tourism Pottery Baiqiang County is distributed in 24 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government), Jinzhai County, Hubei, Hubei Province, and the top three in Anhui Province. In the 12 counties and cities, Dali City, Jinghong City, Tengchong City, Shilin County, Jianshui County 5 counties and cities, ranking No. 7,26,52, ranking No. 7,26,52 respectively 55 and 76.

Yulong County, Shangri-La City, Ruili City, Chengjiang City, Guangnan County, Qiu North County, Chuxiong City, 7 counties and cities, China Tourism Pottery Baiqiang County, ranking No. 6, 14, 18, 21, 76, 78, respectively And 90. "Report" shows that China’s county tourism high quality development continues to be good.

Tourism Baqiang County Average Tourism Total Total Income 100 million yuan, restoring% before the epidemic. China Tourism Potential Baigu County City will have a strong market recovery, excellent basic conditions, exquisite tourism resources, and powerful governments.

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