[De Yao Zhonghua] Ai Nuier Axi 米 米: Interpretation of good fortune with filial piety

[De Yao Zhonghua] Ai Nuier Axi 米 米: Interpretation of good fortune with filial piety

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[De Yao Zhonghua] Ai Nuier Axi 米 米: Interpretation of good fortune with filial piety

Core Tip: At work, she is enthusiastic, do everything you can serve nearly 300 old cadres; in life, she cares about the 6 old people of 3 families, showing the responsibility of women in the new era, and traditional virtues.

In the work, she is very enthusiastic, doing everything possible to serve nearly 300 old cadres; in life, she cares about the six old people of the three families, showing the responsibility of the new era of women and traditional virtues.

She is the 8th National Moral Model Nomination Award winner, and the director of the old cadres of the Senior People’s Court of the Autonomous Region. When filial piety and respecting the old virtues, the long-distance adorable Ai Nur Axi is loved by relatives and elders. Before you grow, you should make A Nuniers to be my daughter-in-law.

The father of her 3-year-old small partner wood, the father of the wood, the father, often used fun.

After graduating from college, Ayur Afli Miki and Mularth, Mushan, and the evening. On February 10, 1999, Mularthmount Meats, as a criminal police, was unfortunately sacrificed during the implementation of the mobs. At that time, their daughter had just been over 10 months.

The bad news came, Ai Nuier Axi is porcking.

Her father-in-law heard the news, you will be our biological daughter.

I heard the comfort of the elderly, she couldn’t control it, and I couldn’t cry in his old man.

Ai Nur Axi’s father, the daughter, losing the child’s parents more painful, be sure to live with the in-law, take care of the elderly.

Since then, she moved into her family in her family, picking up the attention of the elderly and the child, and became the top beam column in the home. In 2003, under the blessings of the in-laws and parents, Ai Nuier Agimi once again formed a family, and her husband was a people’s police.

After the restructuring of the family, Ai Nuier Angmi took a colleagues and carefully took care of the six old people of 3 families.

In the words of the treasure family

Ai Nuier Agimoni piety, parents, with the neighboring little bit, the children look in their eyes, remember in the heart. During the new crown pneumonia epidemic last year, Ai Nuier Angmi raised in the unit, and the big daughter of the holiday home Alitiraki took the initiative to participate in community volunteer services. If your mother is at home, she will also participate in volunteer services.

She often teaches us, be sure to help other people who need help in their own capacity.

Almirami said. At the same time, Ai Nur Asti-Mychi 16-year-old little son and little daughter took the initiative to take care of the task of taking care of sick grandmother. Under the video guidance of Ai Nur Axi, the children learned to cook, laundry, pack the house, to help your grandmother, let her have dropped the tears of happiness a few times. We just got a good news, the big daughter appled the people’s police interview. Ai Nuier Axi said, a few years ago, the big daughter took the initiative to give up the opportunity to keep universities, with their own efforts to adversely achieved excellent results into the Central University for Nationalities. Today, the child grows up, she is happy to be happy.

Help more people in the Autonomous Region of Ai Nuka Ai Miki, the old cadres of the senior people’s courts served nearly 300 old cadres.

Visiting the old cadres of the hospital, to go to the old cadres, condolences, are her daily work.

After the old cadres retired, sometimes I will arrange a job, sometimes I will make suggestions, sometimes talk about friends like a friend, and say that it is like a self-careless service like a self-employment. Old cadres, listen carefully to their suggestions, so that the old cads feel the warmth of the organization. In May 2016, Ai Nur Afli Miki learned that there was a premature infant and her premature infants who had a premature infants who were receiving treatment. She took 2000 yuan in cash to the hospital to pay the treatment fee.

She is an enthusiastic intestine. It is difficult to meet someone else. They will definitely extend a helping hand.

Aika Against a good friend, Juda, Buick, Buy, I, I’m evaluating her.

Ai Nuier Angmei is often involved in love student activities to help family poverty students; people who need help through public welfare platform; often go to the nursing home to visit the old people, send them a good warm & hellip; & hellip; Gifts roses, hands have awkward. I hope to do my best to help more people.

Ai Nuier Axi said.

(Xinjiang Daily reporter Yang Shulhan).