Shapingba: Speaking of "Beautiful Story" landscape painting in the hearts of the people

Shapingba: Speaking of "Beautiful Story" landscape painting in the hearts of the people

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Shapingba: Speaking of "Beautiful Story" landscape painting in the hearts of the people

  Long winter is coming, the cold rushed, and the courtyard of Gepping Village, Gepping Shan Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing City was warm. "Chen Shuji, can you add a street light, convenient in the evening?" "Chen Shuji, what is our rectification?" The villagers and the village Party Committee Secretary Chen Gang’s family often, Dong Lizi, topic Refers to the new changes in the village.

  "The Village is beautiful", the villagers Li Po helps to inquiry, with people to visit the village view, come with her guidance, the house house in the village, clean and tidy, the road is spacious, the front house has green grass after the house, very Be a pleasant.

  The environment is getting better, the days are good, the villagers look in their eyes, happy in their hearts, respond to action.

  "Speaking of the changes in the village, I think everyone’s spiritual scene is different." Li Po is open the words. "Now everyone is fighting to grab the love, better than the neat, this spiritual head, good."

"Li Po is right, we must keep this strength and come on." "Chen Gang took the head, and everyone discussed how to optimize the village village, you speak, the atmosphere is hot. When you go to the afternoon, the villagers will go home, Chen Gang is only idle." Now everyone is I consciously came up, I am very touched.

"Recalling the difficulties encountered in the beginning of the rectification, Chen Gang feels emotion," From June to August this year, we will work by doing home, encounter understanding, very support, encounter, will be cold, even rush Go out. "What should I do?" To tell people.

Tell them to understand the environment and clean, health benefits: health, beautiful, survival, life is good. Chen Gang said, at that time, the summer was forced, running down a day, wet, like a water.

  "Square side is beautiful" villager’s consciousness is the internal motivation of rural people’s environmental remediation, and after the "welfare" of the environment, the villagers of Ge Leoshan street "strong".

  In recent days, the "spokesperson of the Shapingba District Committee propaganda department and the district government news office", I have a practical thing for the masses "Shapingba District Human Environment Remediation" to build the masses of the masses "special press release activities, they Chasing asked. These problems not only promote the front end of the transformation, but also the terminal, there are aspects of the people who involve people’s livelihood, and there are also specific rules of "hoping three". "My name is Li Xueqing, there is a little air, I want to plant some plants to beautify the environment. Is there any policy in this regard?" "I am Xie Yumei, now we are getting bigger and bigger, people also More and more, life sewage discharge will inevitably get more and more, I want to ask what methods and initiatives are currently dealing with domestic sewage? "" I am Xiaheng, joint efforts in the government and the street office Next, I really feel that the land of the mountain is changing, the water is green, the environment becomes more beautiful. Many villagers’ toilets have also been transformed, I still want to understand the environmental remediation of rural people. What other work, what are the next step? ".