The red heart is enthusiastic to the party (warmth hot comment)

The red heart is enthusiastic to the party (warmth hot comment)

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The red heart is enthusiastic to the party (warmth hot comment)

  [Character] "Red Artist" Blue Tiando [Story] Blue Sky, "July One Medal" winner, famous drama performance artist. He is committed to the people’s cultural cause and the enormous cultural activity in the youth.

In 1952, Blue Tianye became the first batch of actors in the Art Theater of Beijing People’s Art.

He starred or directed that dozens of excellent literary works such as "teahouse" "home" and shaped the image of many classic characters.

Blue Sky Wild Inheritance Art Art Welfare, a major contribution to the prosperity of Chinese drama art. [Review] "Blue old, you have seen a lot of play.

It’s hard to be so big, still working.

"At the" July Medal ", General Secretary Xi Jinping saw the 94-year-old blue sky, smiling and said.

"I still played in these two years." Blue Tianye is proud to report to General Secretary.

More than 70 years of art, just as the blue sky yourself say, "As long as the party needs me, the audience needs me, I will have fun and heat"; this "people’s art is the people", always hot.

  Time flies to 1945, 18-year-old North Pingyi Special Oil Painting Department Wang Runsen participated in the revolution, glorious into the party.

He sent a letter in the anti-war bonfire, and he served as an underground scorpion; in the progressive wave of performance, wear a drama front.

In 1948, he called "blue sky" on the way to the liberation area.

On October 1, 1949, Blue Tianye participated in the opening ceremony in Tiananmen Square. Looking back, he feels very emotion: "I know that this new China is different from the old China, New China is not easy." Like opened a new page, the blue sky opened his new art life.

  Since 1952, on the stage of the People’s Art Theater, the blue sky is played, the guide, for decades such as one day, leaving "the best life" to the drama.

From the "Beijing people", Zeng Wenqing, to the "Tea House" Qin Zhongyi, to "Wang Zhaojun" Li Kongwu’s powerful Han Evil list … Blue Tianye is purified from real life, with solid The foundation expressing a rich level, letting the vivid character of the people fall into the soul of the audience. He is directed by the drama "Wu Wang Jin Ge", "Wu Wang Jin Ge," "

  In the conventional field of the Beijing People’s Art Theater, "playing the day" four words are particularly eye-catching.

The heart of the art will be awe-resistant, and the generation of "human artists" represented by Blue Tiando will create a paragraph artwork: "Thunderstorm", "Li Bai", etc. Suimei, "Thunderstorm" Wang Lifa in the teahouse is molded into a generation of classics, playing Cai Wenji, Wu Zetian, etc. "A generation of Tsing Yi" Zhu Lin … The era has a change in the classics, and the classic is always circulating. A flour of a pure green drama, a scene of the ceremony, and the permanent accumulation of the accumulation and the survey of the surrender, it is an immortal classic. The great era calls for great writers and artists.

The majority of literary and art workers should use the predecessor as an example, see the people’s lives, destiny, emotions, express the people’s wish, mood, voice, and create a long-term effort in the masses, and strive to build new era literary peaks. Contribution.