Wuhan Community Emergency Service Station attracted the provincial emergency peers visited

Wuhan Community Emergency Service Station attracted the provincial emergency peers visited

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Wuhan Community Emergency Service Station attracted the provincial emergency peers visited

Hubei Daily (Reporter Bao Dongxi, correspondent He Bo) "Built the emergency service station into the community, such an initiative to make emergency services and the people from the people, worthy of praise" "I didn’t expect the community to build emergency science "On 3 December, the province’s emergency management system emergency command and rescue coordination work conference came to Baitui Community, Zhongnan Road, Wuchang District, the community emergency service station as Wuhan Emergency Service Station Construction benchmarks become the focus of your attention.

"We have a" three rooms and two districts, one center ", namely the bilostellroom, materials reserve, publicity training room, emergency evacuation area, emergency vehicle parking area, emergency volunteer home and linkage Center. Usually do hidden dangers investigation and training drills, once there is something, we can use the fastest speed to carry out emergency disposal.

"Under the leadership of the Wuchang District Emergency Administration staff and the Benijing Community Secretary, the relevant person in charge of the province (state) Emergency Administration, and the emergency command and backbone understand the operational process of the Emergency Services Station of Benijing Community.

As one of Wuhan "Wisdom Ping An Demonstration Community", the linkage center of Bairijing Community Emergency Service Station is located in the community police office, and the vehicle status of various traffic intersection on the large screen is clearly displayed. It can be related to the urban emergency command system. Synergistic linkage such as the District Fire Brigade Command and Sandback Office.

In the emergency material reserve, all kinds of fire extinguishing, first aid, break, life-saving, etc. The community has established a team of more than 2,000 emergency volunteer teams in the community. "These emergency supplies have a detailed list, and we want to be a reference.

"" The community has so many volunteers. What kind of good experience in recruiting and managing volunteers? "Many visitors asked asks.

After the visit, the community emergency team members conducted fire extinguishing drills and motorized car in the square, and the team members won the applause. It is understood that the construction of the emergency service station is an opportunity, the Benijing Community, the street and the Municipal Emergency Administration organized relevant skills training and great compassion, effectively improved the skill level and rescue capability of the community emergency team. "This time I visited the construction of Wuhan Community Emergency Service Station, I got a big harvest", Wu Minzong from the Emergency Command Center of the Emergency Management Bureau of Xiaogan City, "The most impression is the construction of emergency volunteers and community emergency The architecture of the service station. After going back, we also want to build an emergency squad at the grassroots level, and provide services to the people. "